[Rubygems-developers] Trunk version of rubygems should always be > released version

Chad Woolley thewoolleyman at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 23:50:30 EDT 2009

I bumped the trunk version of RubyGems to  I previously
discussed [1] why this makes sense.

To summarize, this makes it much easier for people writing and testing
with CI against the RubyGems API, especially if they have embedded
version checks to support backward- and forward-compatibility with
older or unreleased versions of RubyGems.

The version should be changed to something appropriate before the next
release. is arbitrary and interim, I don't care what it is,
as long as it is > 1.3.4.  As soon as the 1.3.4 gem was released,
trunk was NOT version 1.3.4 anymore.

-- Chad

[1] http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/rubygems-developers/2008-September/004070.html

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