[Rubygems-developers] How to rebuild a gem

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Wed Jan 21 17:52:58 EST 2009

On Jan 21, 2009, at 02:03 AM, Han Holl wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 January 2009, Ryan Davis wrote:
>>> Yes, I can continue with make (in the ext directory), but after that
>>> I won't
>>> have an installed gem. That's what I need for dependencies, maybe  
>>> for
>>> installed binaries etc.
>> no, you'll have an installed gem at that point. It is building IN the
>> install location, so once it is built, it's good to go.
> No. For instance, there is no .gemspec file in the specifications  
> directory,
> and it's not easy to create one.

You need to run `gem install` first.  It'll put the files in all the  
right places.  You didn't read Ryan's original mail where he explained  

On Jan 19, 2009, at 12:44 PM, Ryan Davis wrote:
> generally a blown build just sits there with a build log file so you  
> can diagnose the problem. Do a regular install, let it blow up, cd  
> into the gem dir, add your files/patches needed, and finish the  
> build (make/rake as appropriate, depending on how the gem extension  
> is packaged up). It builds in the same location it is going to run  
> from, so you should be good.

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