[Rubygems-developers] How to rebuild a gem

Ryan Davis ryand-ruby at zenspider.com
Mon Jan 19 15:44:14 EST 2009

On Jan 19, 2009, at 07:47 , Han Holl wrote:

> I want to install a gem, but it doesn't build on my platform.
> I fix the C-source, and submit a patch to the owner.
> But I want to go on, and not wait for the maintainer to apply my  
> patch.
> How can I rebuild the gem, and install.
> I tried to untar the original gem, untar data.tar.gz, drop in my .c  
> file, and
> tar it up again, but this doesn't work. I get an error message the  
> some
> directory already exists. I rm -rf'ed everything in the gem  
> directory tree
> that belonged to this gem, but still the same error.
> Is there a way to do this ?

generally a blown build just sits there with a build log file so you  
can diagnose the problem. Do a regular install, let it blow up, cd  
into the gem dir, add your files/patches needed, and finish the build  
(make/rake as appropriate, depending on how the gem extension is  
packaged up). It builds in the same location it is going to run from,  
so you should be good.

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