[Rubygems-developers] Gem location and site arch directory

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>> >> Thoughts? This iwll be the first drawback.
>> >
>> > I guess I don't see the problem in practice. The
>> 'lib/x86-mingw32/my_ext.so' would not exist except and until
>> it was installed as a gem. How people setup their tests is up
>> to them and seems, to me, to be orthogonal to this issue.
>> >
>> Well, if I try to run the test of a installed gem that moved
>> the extension to this directory then will be broken (gem test my-gem)
> Isn't the plan to modify $LOAD_PATH so that it doesn't break?

Is gem test altering the $LOAD_PATH and adding libdir? Or is just
executing the tests?

Anyway, I'm just being extremist.

We didn't heard back from Eric Hodel.

Eric: what are your thoughts on this one?

Luis Lavena
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