[Rubygems-developers] 1.3.2 release notes

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Mon Apr 6 21:55:11 EDT 2009

Here's what I've selected for the 1.3.2 release notes.  Let me know if  
I left out something important.  (I'm still doing some work on  
documentation here and there.)

I may be out of town over the coming weekend, so I expect I'd do a  
release Monday 4/13 or Tuesday 4/14.

Release 1.3.2 fixes some bugs and adds some features.

Select New Features:

* RubyGems now loads plugins from rubygems_plugin.rb in installed gems.
   This can be used to add commands (See Gem::CommandManager) or add
   install/uninstall hooks (See Gem::Installer and Gem::Uninstaller).
* Gem::Version now understands prerelease versions using letters. (eg.
   '1.2.1.b')  Thanks to Josh Susser, Alex Vollmer and Phil Hagelberg.
* RubyGems now includes a Rake task for creating gems which replaces  
   Rake::GemPackageTask.  See Gem::PackageTask.
* Gem::find_files now returns paths in $LOAD_PATH.
* Added Gem::promote_load_path for use with Gem::find_files
* Added Gem::bin_path to make finding executables easier.  Patch  
#24114 by
   James Tucker.
* Various improvements to build arguments for installing gems.
* Gem::Specification
   * #validate complains about not-files.
   * #description no longer removes newlines.
   * #name must be a String.
   * FIXME is no longer allowed in various fields.
   * Added support for a license attribute.  Feature #11041 (partial).
   * Removed Gem::Specification::list, too much process growth.  Bug  
#23668 by
     Steve Purcell.
* `gem generate_index`
   * Can now generate an RSS feed.
   * Modern indicies can now be updated incrementally.
   * Legacy indicies can be updated separately from modern.

Select Bugs Fixed:

* Better gem activation error message. Patch #23082.
* Kernel methods are now private.  Patch #20801 by James M. Lawrence.
* Fixed various usability issues with `gem check`.
* `gem update` now rescues InstallError and continues.  Bug #19268 by  
* Allow 'https', 'file' as a valid schemes for --source.  Patch #22485.
* `gem install`
   * Now removes existing path before installing.  Bug #22837.
   * Uses Gem::bin_path in executable stubs to work around Kernel#load  
bug in
* --user-install
   * `gem install --no-user-install` now works.  Patch #23573 by Alf  
   * `gem uninstall` can now uninstall from ~/.gem.  Bug #23760 by  
Roger Pack.
* setup.rb
   * Clarify RubyGems RDoc installation location.  Bug #22656 by Gian  
   * Allow setup to run from read-only location.  Patch #21862 by Luis  
   * Fixed overwriting ruby executable when BASERUBY was not set.  Bug  
     by Michael Soulier.
   * Ensure we're in a RubyGems dir when installing.
   * Deal with extraneous quotation mark when autogenerating .bat file  
on MS
     Windows.  Bug #22712.

Deprecation Notices:

* Gem::manage_gems has been removed.
* Time::today will be removed in RubyGems 1.4.

For a full list of changes to RubyGems and the contributor for each  
change, see
the ChangeLog file.

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