[Rubygems-developers] RubyGems 1.3.0 Upcoming

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Wed Sep 17 22:16:48 EDT 2008

On Sep 17, 2008, at 13:55 PM, Hongli Lai wrote:
> Eric Hodel wrote:
>> No.  It is not cross-platform.
> Could you elaborate on this? As far as I know, there is no true  
> cross-platform standard on where to install user-specific files.
> Installing to ~/.local as per the XDG standard doesn't violate any  
> existing standards, but does follow the standards which many Unix  
> desktop software is already following. Installing to ~/.local  
> doesn't break anything.

RubyGems already does sensible things to your home directory.  There's  
no reason to change RubyGems (and thus reeducate all its users) just  
because there happens to be a standard out there that's popular this  

> Besides, installing to ~/.local makes the user's home folder less  
> messy.

RubyGems already uses dotfiles (.gem and .gemrc), so the only benefit  
I see is that I the user gets a ton of files or directories in  
~/.local that they don't normally see instead of ~/.

It would take a very large change to do this the right way, breaking  
up the various things RubyGems stores in ~/.gem between data, config  
and cache.  Furthermore, XDG says nothing about what to do with  

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