[Rubygems-developers] Could not find RubyGem - because it's not a gem

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 22:47:40 EDT 2008

Daniel Berger wrote:


> Ok, I think I've narrow this down a bit. The background to this is
> that I've installed the library called "win32-file" via rubygems. That
> library has a dependency on win32-file-stat, which in turn has a
> dependency on windows-pr, which in turn has a dependency on windows-
> api which in turn has a dependency on win32-api.
> You with me so far? It's the win32-api gem (or lack thereof) that's
> ultimately causing the issue.
> You see, I'm using a custom built Ruby using VC++ 8.0, so I had to
> uninstall win32-api (because the current binary gem I have out there
> is incompatible with my runtime), so that rubygems defaults to the
> win32-api I've built by hand and installed in Ruby's sitelibdir. At
> least that's what I thought it would do.
> And here's where it seems to get confused. Because one of the
> dependencies itself has a dependency on win32-api, but I've removed
> the win32-api gem, it dies instead of resorting to
> gem_original_require as a last ditch effort.
> I _think_ this can be resolved by rescuing Gem::LoadError in
> custom_require.rb, but I'm still deciding how to proceed.
> If anyone has any suggestion in the meantime, I'm all ears.

On second thought, this is a contract violation. I mean, if I say I want 
"some_lib >= 0.2.0", but there's no gem and the version in sitelibdir is only 
0.1.0, that could be trouble.

Another option would be a second, optional argument to the redefined 
Kernel#require in custom_require.rb so that the method looks like:

def require(path, desparate=false)
    if desperate
       # Make a last ditch effort to find the lib in the standard libary

With the understanding that if 'desperate' is true, you're potentially violating 
the gem versioning contract. Thoughts?



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