[Rubygems-developers] Give priority to platform for gem update ?

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 17:19:20 EST 2008

This has been generating lot of issues for several folks, including
the ones using Jruby, not only Windows.


An existing version of a gem (1.1.0) was installed on the system. The
gem was a platform specific one.

The developer releases a new version of his gem (1.2.0), doing the
pure ruby one.

Users doing "gem update" will have issues when RubyGems tries to
install version 1.2.0 and bomb out due:

platform lack of support for native gems (jruby)
lack of development tool chain (windows).

All these issues has been lately showing up in different places,
including stack overflow, ruby-talk, merb and datamapper mailing list.

Charles Oliver Nutter suggested (dunno if was ruby-talk or here) we
should alter the platform preference order and give more
weight/priority to local platform than ruby one.

For References:


The idea will be:

"gem update" will only install the latest version of gem to the latest
one with current-platform.

Also, this can be overwritten if specific version is indicated, like
the new prerelease functionality.

Luis Lavena
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