[Rubygems-developers] Binary gems or extension source - which and how?

Clifford Heath clifford.heath at gmail.com
Wed May 21 20:55:23 EDT 2008

I've used newgem to build a gem that's a simple wrapper for the wbxml  
and I'm not sure how to publish it. My Manifest includes the ext  
files, including
extconf.rb, but since newgem & hoe build the gemspec file on the fly,  
I haven't
been able to work out how to arrange for the extension to be built on  

Can someone give me some pointers please? The reference is too detailed,
I'm looking for a recipe if possible.

Also, what support does gems provide for the naming procedure for binary
files? If I want to publish platform-specific binary gems in addition  
to the source
version, what's the procedure?

Clifford Heath.

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