[Rubygems-developers] env shebang always for JRuby

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Thu May 15 09:33:39 EDT 2008

On Apr 28, 2008, at 07:40 AM, Charles Oliver Nutter wrote:

> JRuby ships with its "jruby" command as a shell script or batch file  
> under Windows. This means that the default behavior for JRuby  
> installing RubyGems is to always use an "env" shebang. However there  
> are two problems with this right now:
> - we have to manually patch our copy of RubyGems every time we  
> upgrade, to make sure it env-shebangs by default
> - RubyGems hardcodes the env shebang string to "ruby" rather than  
> using the name of the current runtime's command (this may have been  
> fixed?)
> At any rate, I'm looking for suggestions or a RubyGems fix that will  
> save us having to manually patch this all the time. JRuby is not  
> going to have a native startup command any time soon, so the env  
> shebang is always going to be necessary.
> Thoughts?

We discussed this on IM privately, and I forgot to copy it here.

I'm planning on adding a file (or two) that RubyGems will look for and  
run to provide implementation-specific and distribution-specific  
defaults.  This would allow jruby or apple or whomever to provide  
consistent behavior.

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