[Rubygems-developers] multiple specific versions of dependencies

Jeremy d jeremydeininger at gmail.com
Thu May 1 12:06:23 EDT 2008

Hello guys,
I have an interesting use case for you, and I've been working to patch
RubyGems in an attempt to match this functionality.

User needs to install multiple specifically versioned gems in the
quickest way possible.  Example command line would be similar to this
"gem install mongrel-1.0 daemons-1.0.8 rails rake-0.7.1".

I've been working with the latest RubyGems to see if the patch would
still fit and it is relying on having more caching available in order
to hot-wire the dependency tree.  I've ported it most of the way, but
I have a failing test that specifies the installation of dependencies
out of order.  I've tracked it down to line 99 of
dependency_installer.rb, previously the gems_and_sources contained a
large list of specs, in which I could cherry-pick the right
dependency.   Now with the new caching, it only returns the latest
version of a dependency.  Is there a way I can still access a larger
list of dependencies from the cache and select the specific version

I'm attaching the patch for 1.0.1 so you can see it in action.  Also
included is the patch in progress for 1.1.1, with 1 failing test.  The
patch adds an entirely new gem command called quickinstall, to retain
original functionality as much as possible, while adding default
options for speedup.  To use it: gem quickinstall mongrel-1.0

Any advise on a better way to solve this use case for future versions
of RubyGems would be much appreciated!

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