[Rubygems-developers] Missing require from rubygems/remote_fetcher.rb "stringio"

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Thu May 1 02:04:52 EDT 2008

On Apr 30, 2008, at 01:25 AM, Vladimir Sizikov wrote:
> OK, some more info here.
> Ola Bini figured out why MRI works and JRuby fails in the first place.
> It turned out that yaml library in MRI requires StringIO, while JRuby
> didn't. This has been corrected so that JRuby is
> "side-effect-compatible" with MRI in that regard, and yaml now also
> require's StringIO.
> Still, adding explicit require 'stringio' to rubygems sources could be
> useful, making the code more robust and less dependent on particular
> implementation and side effects.

Ok.  Did somebody add the ticket to the RubyGems tracker?  Otherwise  
it might get forgotten by the time I have some RubyGems cycles come up.

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