[Rubygems-developers] [ANN] RubyGems 1.2.0

Vladimir Sizikov vsizikov at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 08:25:40 EDT 2008

Hi Eric,

Great news! And there's the hope that the new RubyGems will be more memory
efficient. I'm going to integrate the latest bits into JRuby proper
soon, and we'll see.
(we've been getting the constant questions from JRuby users about very high
memory consumption when running rubygems).

A couple of question though:

On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 5:32 AM, Eric Hodel <drbrain at segment7.net> wrote:
> * RubyGems no longer performs bulk updates and instead only fetches the
> gemspec
>  files it needs.

I'd like to double-check that the main/standard rubygems repository is already
updated to take advantage of this new feature?

> * RubyGems will now require rubygems/defaults/operating_system.rb and
>  rubygems/defaults/#{RBX_ENGINE}.rb if they exist.

I think that you meant RUBY_ENGINE, not RBX_ENGINGE, right?


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