[Rubygems-developers] LOCAL/REMOTE tokens are not printed for non-tty

Martin Krauskopf martin.krauskopf at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 17:43:33 EDT 2008

Hi all, likely mainly Eric ;),

what was the reason for the change:

   .../rubyforge.org/rubygems$ svn di -r 1834:1835
   + * lib/rubygems/commands/query_command.rb:  Don't print LOCAL/REMOTE
   + gems if stdout is not a TTY.

we use LOCAL and REMOTE lines as 'recognition tokens' when parsing
output of the 'gem list <...>' in the Gem Manager in NetBeans Ruby IDE.
So with this change our 'parser' is broken.

Any chance the change will be reverted (e.g. in RubyGems 1.2.1), so the
output remains backward compatible for cases like this?


PS: I know that parsing of the output is poor solution, we are going to
     switch to pure one using RubyGems API in next versions of the Gem

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