[Rubygems-developers] [OT] Static site generators

Jeremy Hinegardner jeremy at hinegardner.org
Thu Jan 17 12:15:34 EST 2008

On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 11:34:59AM -0500, Jim Weirich wrote:
> On Jan 17, 2008, at 11:03 AM, Jeremy Hinegardner wrote:
>> Jim, you should give webby a try too : http://webby.rubyforge.org/
> Sigh.  Everytime I mention this, someone suggests a DIFFERENT static 
> website generator.  Who would have thought there was so much competition in 
> this area.

Yeah, it can get pretty wild, I've tried out most of them over time and
these days I've settled on webby.

> So, why webby over nanoc and webgen?

So, I turned to my left and asked the author of webgen why webby over
nanoc and webgen (Disclaimer, I work Tim Pease, author of webby):

His reply, webby is:
    * completely based upon Rake tasks 
    * has an autobuild loop so that pages get regenerated when their sources is saved
    * is simpler than webgen 
        - and I agree, webby is much easier to extend for custom 
          purposes, I've written both webgen and webby customisations and 
          it was much easier to do so in webby.
    * has rails style helpers for linking to internal pages
    * utilizes heel and launchy to make previewing of your site easy
    * has growl notifications if you want them
    * has CodeRay and Graphviz helpers
    * generated content can be filtered through tidy so it looks nice

Of course, as always, I would look over the options. I know Tim and Denis
(author of nanoc) have been chatting back and forth and enjoying the
competition :-).  In fact I think nanoc recently had a release that
added some of the features from webby.



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