[Rubygems-developers] problems with 1.3.0 non-root autoinstall

Chad Woolley thewoolleyman at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 03:27:19 EDT 2008

I've been using 1.3.0 off trunk for a few days.  There seem to be some
bugs, haven't had time to look into them.  Let me know if you want
tickets opened.

First problem: I tried to "force" my gem home and gem path to always
be ~/.gem, by editing it in .gemrc.  This seemed to have no immediate
effect, the system location was still used and reported in gem env.
However, after a while (and a reboot I think), this change "took
effect", and I suddenly no longer found any gems that were in my
system location.  This was what I originally wanted, but something
must have been cached to prevent it from taking effect immediately.
ANyway, I didn't want to reinstall everything, so I commented out
gemhome and gempath in .gemrc.  I'm not sure what was cached where, or
the correct way to clear it.  I didn't want to blow away my whole

Second Problem: I cannot uninstall a gem that was installed under
~/.gem.  Even though I can see it installed there, both 'gem
uninstall' and 'sudo gem uninstall' fail to find and uninstall it.

-- Chad

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