[Rubygems-developers] Commit mailing list for easy progress watching

Martin Krauskopf martin.krauskopf at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 02:36:45 EDT 2008


could anybody from RubyGems developers setup mailing list when one could
subscribe for watching RubyGems commits. It is possible on rubyforge and
is much more convenient then going through 'svn log' and/or 'svn di'.

It's described in detail here:

   (SVN section below)

Or it is already set up anywhere else and already possible to watch
commits? We already did so for debug-commons and ruby-debug project so
I'm 'attaching' few-steps instruction for quick setup without the need
to read the above document.
Just s/joe/<your-rubyforge-account> in sftp login.

Would be great to be able to watch the progress easily for outside world
and mainly I believe for RubyGems developers as well.



Quick how-to:

   First you need to set up the commit mailing list, e.g.
   rubygems-commits at rubyforge.org. It is easily doable through admin
   interface in rubygems project:

   1) be logged in, go to the rubygems's Admin page
   2) Mail Admin -> Add Mailing List

   Then after the mailing list is confirmed by rubyforge admins (usually
   pretty quickly), all what is needed is to copy-paste the post-commit
   hook below into your rubyforge hooks directory.

   Save the attachment e.g. to the ~/tmp directory and do something like:

     $ cd ~/tmp
     $ sftp joe at rubyforge.org:/var/svn/rubygems/hooks
     sftp> put post-commit
     sftp> chmod 775 post-commit

   That should be all.



   svnnotify --repos-path "$REPOS" --revision "$REV" \
       --svnlook /usr/local/bin/svnlook \
       --to rubygems-commits at rubyforge.org --from nobody at rubyforge.org \
       --with-diff --subject-cx

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