[Rubygems-developers] env shebang always for JRuby

Charles Oliver Nutter charles.nutter at sun.com
Mon Apr 28 10:40:09 EDT 2008

JRuby ships with its "jruby" command as a shell script or batch file 
under Windows. This means that the default behavior for JRuby installing 
RubyGems is to always use an "env" shebang. However there are two 
problems with this right now:

- we have to manually patch our copy of RubyGems every time we upgrade, 
to make sure it env-shebangs by default
- RubyGems hardcodes the env shebang string to "ruby" rather than using 
the name of the current runtime's command (this may have been fixed?)

At any rate, I'm looking for suggestions or a RubyGems fix that will 
save us having to manually patch this all the time. JRuby is not going 
to have a native startup command any time soon, so the env shebang is 
always going to be necessary.


- Charlie

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