[Rubygems-developers] Questions on 1.0.0 on JRuby

Susan Potter me at susanpotter.net
Mon Apr 7 16:27:59 EDT 2008

>  PATH is one answer.
>  aliasing 'jgem' to 'jruby -S gem' is another.
>  linking 'gem' to jruby/bin/gem' is another.
>  running 'jruby -S gem' is another.
BTW the problem under discussion isn't on Linux/BSD or other UNIX
systems it is on Windows, I hope you are aware that we are talking
about the following?


The problem is that the JRuby gem was always running even when the MRI
binary path was in front of it in the PATH variable on Windows.  The
only solution is to create aliases the other way: to alias
/full/path/to/c/ruby/gem to rgem, which is the converse of your
solution and still ends up with people using different names for
different implementations locally.  So scripts, etc. need to take this
in consideration anyway, and promotes a non-uniform way of doing
things just to get things working like we would expectg.

I am no longer on Windows, so I cannot comment, but the PATH
switch/aliasing is a PITA either even on Linux.  Nobody needs to tell
me Windows is not ideal for most open source development that isn't
based on .NET or related MS products/languages, but millions of
businesses make their developers use it.

In theory you are right, there shouldn't be different names for
different implementation versions of RubyGems when it is ultimately
the same underlying source, however, in practice developers caught out
with these issues on Windows are the ones that send tons of emails
requesting support to RubyGems.  Finger pointing to RubyGems rather
than JRuby, when in fact it appears to be a JRuby fault, not RubyGems.
 Isn't this right Luis?  In addition, I see RubyGems as an extension
(not necessarily as in Ruby/C extension, just in the general meaning
of "extension") to a Ruby implementation than just another gem, so I
would argue that it could go either way.

Has anyone contacted JRuby about these issues and know what the status
of their fix is and when it is expected to be released?  If it isn't
resolved or planned to be shortly is the RubyGems project willing to
take the hit for a JRuby issue that they do not deem important to

Just curious

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