[Rubygems-developers] Questions on 1.0.0 on JRuby

Susan Potter me at susanpotter.net
Mon Apr 7 15:48:01 EDT 2008

>  Because Rails installs as 'rails', Rake installs as 'rake', RSpec
>  installs as 'spec', and so on. Unless we're going to consistently add a
>  prefix or suffix to all installed scripts, this is only going to be
>  confusing.
Actually that is for the Rails and RSpec projects to decide
themselves.  We are all separate projects remember:)  We cannot
dictate what separate projects do.  RubyGems is a little more than
just Rails or RSpec.  It is used in virtually every Rubyforge project
to some extent (and if you are using RubyGems you will agree that it's
importance supersedes that of Rails or Rspec which is not used in
virtually every project).

>  Besides, if someone really needs JRuby's 'gem' script to be 'jgem', it
>  can be aliased or symlinked trivially, or you can run "jruby -S gem" to
>  pick up the one associated with your current JRuby version. JRuby
>  doesn't install its executables in a global path, so you can change
>  anything you want.
You are trivializing the problem as explained in the ticket and on the
mailing list.  However, I will admit I am not on Windows (thankfully)
so I do not see the larger issues that others have reported.  However
I agree with the following statement from Stephen Bannasch.....

> Changing the name to jgem will just delay the mess Daniel was getting into for a little while.
Yes, but it might buy RubyGems time to sort the mess out.  It is a
large problem and cannot be treated as something that only requires a
minor fix like others have trivialized it above.

If JRuby people are so hung up on keeping it as gem instead of
renaming it to jgem, then let us address this appropriately instead of
suggesting quick fix solutions that keep it named 'gem', BUT still
postpone the same mess for later anyway AND give some people grief in
the near-term.  Thankfully I am not affected by this anymore and my
solution was to stop using JRuby (yay!) at work, but I know people on
my old team are bitten by these issues all the time in the Java/JRuby


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