[Rubygems-developers] Questions on 1.0.0 on JRuby

Susan Potter me at susanpotter.net
Mon Apr 7 11:59:44 EDT 2008

>  I disgree that 'jgem' should be the default, since many people that run
>  JRuby run only JRuby, tutorials state 'gem' as the command, and people
>  are used to typing 'gem'. If people are using both JRuby and Ruby and
>  want to avoid naming conflicts, they can add an alias easily enough or
>  juggle PATH entries. But JRuby is "just another Ruby impl" and shouldn't
>  have a different command name for installing gems.
>  Can we please have the 'gem' name as default when installing on JRuby?
What about those of us that need to use both Ruby and JRuby?  Yes, I
know PATH is the answer, but very cumbersome.

The problem with your argument above is that JRuby's main binary is
actually called jruby, so I would argue that it is far more consistent
to say jgem.

That is my two cents.

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