[Rubygems-developers] Patch added.

Alan C Francis listsub at twelve71.com
Sun Sep 30 02:32:47 EDT 2007


The @update_sources is, of course, only set in initialize and not  
refreshed in []=.  SO when I set the config with []= later in the  
game, the accessor is out of date.

This is a bit bigger than just this flag, perhaps as it would be true  
for all the options in Gem.configuration  configuration.backtrace,  
for example doesn't necessarily equal configuration[:backtrace].


On 27 Sep 2007, at 17:02, Eric Hodel wrote:

> On Sep 27, 2007, at 01:25 , Alan C Francis wrote:
>> Hi Eric, I'll try and finish it tonight.  Would be nice to see it all
>> the way through :-)
>> Is there a way to sandbox the gems installation so I can really try
>> it out without losing my 'site_ruby' gems installation ?
> I use:
> ruby -Ilib bin/gem command options
> from the checkout to run the gem command, and explicitly provide the
> path to checkout/lib when testing interoperation between libraries.
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