[Rubygems-developers] test_gem_config_file.rb

Alan C Francis listsub at twelve71.com
Mon Sep 24 12:30:41 EDT 2007

> If Gem.configuration.update_sources is true (default) the source
> cache will be updated automatically.


Can anyone help me out with the test_write and test_write_from_hash  
methods in this file ?

They *look* like what they're doing is setting up a bunch of stuff,  
calling write, then using util_config_file() to load the written file  
back in and then make assertions...however:

1) test_write does the write then calls util_config_file and asserts  
that all values are back to default.

2) test_write_from_hash creates a config file, loads(using  
util_config_file), overwrites values with junk, writes (to  
overwrite?), reloads again then makes a bunch of assertions which  
vary from defaults, original filewrite, and the 'junk' values (in the  
case of sources).

I'd appreciate a wee bit of description on what the behaviour is  
these tests are testing ?

Any help gratefully appreciated :-)


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