[Rubygems-developers] Moving gems after upgrade from Ruby 1.8.4 to 1.8.6 on Windows XP

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Sun Sep 9 13:57:54 EDT 2007

On Sep 9, 2007, at 08:48, Wes Gamble wrote:
> Wes Gamble wrote:
>> I've successfully installed Ruby 1.8.6 on Windows with the 1-click
>> installer.
>> I have a lot of gems (about 40) that I don't want to re-get.  I  
>> copied
>> the entire contents of %RUBY_HOME%/lib/ruby/gems/1.8 from my old
>> installation to my new installation.
>> When I run "gem list" I still don't see my existing gems.
>> I have 2 questions:
>> 1) What do I need to do to have my existing gems added to the local
>> repository's index?
> OK I'm not sure what I did but when I opened up a new command  
> window and
> executed "gem list" all of my gems were there.  I can't imagine why
> things would change for detecting gems across an invocation of the
> command interpreter, but I'll take it :).  So I'm good.

Your shell was using the old ruby.  The new terminal switched to the  
new ruby.

>> 2) Is there a user - level list for rubygems where this type of  
>> question
>> would be more appropriate?

No.  This list is low traffic anyhow, so it doesn't matter.

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