[Rubygems-developers] Transitioning from 0.9.4 to 0.9.5

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Mon Oct 29 13:55:21 EDT 2007

On Oct 27, 2007, at 08:24 , Daniel Berger wrote:
> I was thinking about the gem compatibility issue some more.  I  
> guess the
> first question is whether or not we can ensure that 0.9.4 can handle
> gems built with 0.9.5 or later. Can we do that?
> If not, what about the possibility of catching this error?
>   ERROR:  While executing gem ... (TypeError)
>       can't instantiate uninitialized class

This is because Gem::Platform is a class now, right?  I can patch up  
Gem::Specification to make it backwards compatible.

It looks like the release of 0.9.5 will be delayed until post- 
RubyConf.  I have to work on my presentation.

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