[Rubygems-developers] OSX 10.5 patch

Laurent Sansonetti laurent.sansonetti at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 09:43:59 EDT 2007

Hi RubyGems developers,

# I work for Apple, in the OS team.

As you may perhaps know, in the next version of Mac OS X, RubyGems is
bundled in the default install. So, let me first thank you for your
great work!

Attached is a patch that we created to make RubyGems 0.9.4 work with
our new Ruby environment. The patch is rather simple, but let me
describe it.

In Leopard, Ruby is delivered as a framework. The entire Ruby
distribution is there, and we have symbolic links in the previous
directory layout that point to files inside the framework.

The first change-set is to leave the bin path as /usr/bin, because
Ruby's bindir is actually a directory inside the framework. We want
RubyGems to generate its binary wrappers in /usr/bin, so that they
will be accessible from the PATH.

In Leopard, we didn't want to use a unique gem repository, because we
wanted to separate the pre-installed gems that ship with Leopard from
the gems that the user will install after. So Leopard comes with 2 gem
repositories, one inside the Ruby framework that contains all the
pre-installed gems, and another one in /Library which is empty by
default, but which is also the default repository.

The second change-set adds the APPLE_GEM_HOME constant value to the
gems paths if it's defined. We in fact define this constant in

The third change-set simply adds the ruby version to the default gem
directory, which was probably an omission.

These changes should only be effective when Ruby is available as a
constants are defined), so other environments should not be affected.

It would be really great if you could consider merging this patch
upstream. We would also be happy to discuss the changes, and provide
another patch if necessary.

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