[Rubygems-developers] VENDOR_HOME (Was: Finding where gems are stored)

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Mon Oct 22 11:44:52 EDT 2007

On Oct 22, 2007, at 03:42 , Marcus Rueckert wrote:
> On 2007-10-21 20:39:05 -0700, Eric Hodel wrote:
>> What you propose sounds no different than setting GEM_PATH
>> appropriately.
> 1. could you give an example how it could look like?
>    how would you install gems into the vendor dir so the user can find
>    them?

gem install -i /path/to/vendor/gems

echo export GEM_PATH=/path/to/vendor/gems:/path/to/gem/home >> /etc/ 

>    how can you get gem to treat the vendor dir as read only unless
>    passed a --vendor option (just an example) with the GEM_PATH
>    solution?

The regular permissions system handles this just fine:

sudo gem install -i /path/to/vendor/gems

> 2. using the environment variable has the disadvantage that the  
> user can
>    break it. while an additional path hardcoded in the config of gem
>    cant be lost that easily.

Is PATH immune from this problem?

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