[Rubygems-developers] Beta time for real?

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Sat Oct 6 15:43:38 EDT 2007

On Oct 5, 2007, at 10:32 , Eric Hodel wrote:
> Tom has installed the indexer for the latest checkout on RubyGems, so
> I think its time to ship a beta.
> I'd like all of you to bang on RubyGems, and if it looks solid we can
> ship a beta early next week.
> After beta feedback we can ship 0.9.5.
> (RubyGems may go into ruby 1.9 independent of 0.9.5, depending upon
> time constraints.)

I am working on some speed improvements to loading the source_cache  
file.  It is too slow now.

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