[Rubygems-developers] getting an error using mongrel that might be gem related

Stephen Bannasch stephen.bannasch at deanbrook.org
Fri Nov 16 10:21:34 EST 2007

At 1:36 PM +0100 11/15/07, Marcus Rueckert wrote:
>wouldnt be the first gem which breaks mongrel/gemplugin.
>i saw another user in #mongrel with the same problem.

To follow up and close this thread on rubygems-dev here are some responses from developers on other lists:

Greg Brown is the lead developer on Ruport:

At 8:02 AM -0500 11/15/07, Gregory Brown wrote on the list ruport:
>Okay, after digging through all of this it sounds like Rails /
>GemPlugin are trying to autoload the ruport gem itself even though it
>isn't a plugin (has no init.rb).  This to me sounds like Rails is
>abusing gem_plugin, because Ruport does not depend on rails and thus
>should not be loaded.
>That having been said, Ruport 1.0 on up don't explicitly depend on
>gem_plugin, so it won't be detected by Rails, and thus won't break. (I
>If you have versions 0.8.10 -> 0.8.14 laying around and are
>experiencing this problem, try deleting them.
>Also, thanks for pointing this problem out, I've seen it before but
>only in weird cases, and was wondering what happened.

Evan Weaver has the most commits to the mongrel set of projects:

At 4:10 PM -0500 11/15/07, Evan Weaver wrote on the list mongrel-users:
>No aspersions cast on Zed but I hate gem_plugin, and the team is
>planning to remove it in a couple months. We just need a temporary
>hack for now so that Ruport isn't busted.

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