[Rubygems-developers] rubygems over dialup

Brian Sammon rubygems-list at brisammon.fastmail.fm
Sat Nov 3 17:43:23 EDT 2007

> Does anyone out there use rubygems over dialup?
> Am I correct in my understanding that it wants to download a 12MB index file 
> before installing anything?
> I tried to install a package, and killed rubygems after 15 minutes because I 
> was tired of waiting for it.
> Does anyone have any practical suggestions for using rubygems 0.9.4 with a 
> dialup connection?

Okay... "gem install -l ./package.gem" is pretty fast.

> Also, what about a progressbar feature?  Is anyone working on that?

Currently gem (0.9.4) provides no feedback about what it's doing (or if it's 
doing anything) during the 12MB download.  On a dialup connection, it looks 
like gem is hung.
Perhaps this is the answer to the (currently unanswered) FAQ #3.2 

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