[Rubygems-developers] OSX 10.5 patch

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Thu Nov 1 23:55:50 EDT 2007

On Oct 23, 2007, at 06:43 , Laurent Sansonetti wrote:
> In Leopard, we didn't want to use a unique gem repository, because we
> wanted to separate the pre-installed gems that ship with Leopard from
> the gems that the user will install after. So Leopard comes with 2 gem
> repositories, one inside the Ruby framework that contains all the
> pre-installed gems, and another one in /Library which is empty by
> default, but which is also the default repository.
> The second change-set adds the APPLE_GEM_HOME constant value to the
> gems paths if it's defined. We in fact define this constant in
> rbconfig.rb.

I am not fond of this part of the patch, since GEM_PATH avoids  
special casing per ruby/rubygems packager.

> The third change-set simply adds the ruby version to the default gem
> directory, which was probably an omission.

Is this backwards compatible with 10.4 and earlier?  I don't know  
much about frameworkized ruby on OS X.

> These changes should only be effective when Ruby is available as a
> constants are defined), so other environments should not be affected.

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