[Rubygems-developers] gembundles

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Fri Mar 23 02:19:02 EDT 2007

On Mar 20, 2007, at 18:39, TRANS wrote:
> A few days back I brought up some ideas for dealing with
> multi-packages. This evening I sat down and put to together a little
> tool to handle just that: gembundle.
> [...]
> Of course, my script is just a quick prototype --I'm shelling out for
> all the tar and gem stuff. And it doesn't support some features like
> remote access for grabbing gems to bundle.  But hopefully it doesn't
> matter b/c I wanted to see if others would approve of this
> functionality being incorporated into RubyGems itself. It's pretty
> straightforward. It would just mean adding a "bundle" command to the
> gem CLI and allowing the installer to recognize a bundle vs a regular
> gem,such that '.gem' could still be used instead '.gembundle'.
> So what is it good for? It gives large application developers
> breathing room to use vendor gems more freely. Per my explanation in
> my last post, installing a gem that has many dependencies can be
> off-putting. Not only does the administrator have to consider each
> dependency, but ensuring the right versions of each can be daunting as
> well.  Gembundles take care these concerns. And since a bundle simply
> contains regular gems it works seamlessly with the current design.
> What do you think?

Why not release it as a separate gem, let it develop for a while, and  
if people use it, it can be included in RubyGems at a future date?

Bundling with RubyGems is going to reduce opportunities for rapid  

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