[Rubygems-developers] Upgrading to new version of Ruby - what to do with gems?

Wes Gamble weyus at att.net
Wed Jul 25 18:12:45 EDT 2007

Sorry, when I said "gems location," I meant the gems directory embedded 
in the Ruby installation directory.

My gem repository is in C:\ruby\lib\ruby\gems which is under my 
RUBY_HOME (C:\ruby).

I plan to install Ruby to a new directory.  When I do that, obviously I 
won't have access to my existing gems.

Should I use GEM_HOME to move my gems to a "Ruby installation 
independent" location and then I should be able to see them from my new 
install, or do I need to copy my gems into my new Ruby installation?


Eric Hodel wrote:
> On Jul 25, 2007, at 11:10, Wes Gamble wrote:
>> I am currently on Ruby 1.8.4 on Windows XP.
>> I'd like to move to 1.8.6 - do I need to reinstall all of my gems  
>> or is
>> there a way for me to move them to my new 1.8.6 installation?  Can  
>> I just copy them to the new gems location?
> There is no new gems location.  There is one repository for all of 1.8.
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