[Rubygems-developers] where does persistent data go in a gem?

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Mon Jan 22 14:11:22 EST 2007

On Jan 22, 2007, at 08:59, Jeremy Stell-Smith wrote:
> 3) it prompts the user for where to put place it's build directory  
> on it's first install and subsequent updates.
> 1 & 2 make sense, but 3 kind of sucks.  a user could care less  
> where this stuff lives, and even if they do, they want to specify  
> it once, not on every install, what if they don't remember where it  
> lives?
> I guess this is a problem others have faced and solved.  What's the  
> conventional wisdom about where to put these types of things?

Provide a command line option, a dotfile to specify it in and a good  

(This question is much more appropriate for ruby-talk.)

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