[Rubygems-developers] [gemtacular] - a question

Jim Freeze rubygems at freeze.org
Thu Jan 18 23:50:49 EST 2007

Hi Chad

On Jan 18, 2007, at 10:04 PM, Chad Humphries wrote:

> Hey guys, I wanted to post here about a site I developed and how it  
> relates to gemtacular.  I've been working on and off on rubyfurnace  
> ( http://rubyfurnace.com/) since RubyConf.   My wife and I had our  
> first child at the beginning of the year and as one might imagine  
> free time was on hold for dec/jan.  I finally got what I had done  
> with rubyfurnace out a few days ago after I got a new hosting package.

Nice site. BTW, I just noticed that it lists as my latest gem  
commandline-0.7.9, when it is actually commandline-0.7.10.
In this case, it is a bit misleading on what the latest version is.

Jim Freeze

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