[Rubygems-developers] Gemtacular Now Links to RDocs

Hugh Sasse hgs at dmu.ac.uk
Thu Jan 18 13:02:49 EST 2007

On Thu, 18 Jan 2007, Chad Fowler wrote:

> On 1/18/07, TRANS <transfire at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 1/18/07, Chad Fowler <chad at chadfowler.com> wrote:
> >
> > > Sounds like a pretty serious edge case to me.  RDoc isn't something
> > > you generally make a link to.  It's something that lives inside your
> > > source and is generated.  For all but the rare edge case, I think this
> > > would go unused.
> >
> > Then there has to be a way to dictate proper generation doesn't there?
> > It's going awefully far to designate something an "edge case" b/c it
> > doesn't conform to RDoc documentation. What if someone wants to use a
> > different doc system... What if someone writes a program in such a way
> > that RDoc can't even handle it well --that's rather easy actually.
> >
> What if someone wanted to not use Ruby at all?

:-) Should I hold your coat? :-)

There is a way to declare what rdoc options to use, which would
determine better generation, but it might be possible to tell it
to use something other than rdoc, and use the options for that.
Or the rdoc options could he kept for if/when rdoc is used, and
since this is YAML one could have an array of alternative doc systems
and a corresponding array of of options.  Or maybe a hash.
I'm not sure that one can assert YAGNI in this case: we live in a
world with LaTeX, Lout and DocBook.

On the gems homepage should there not be a link to Gemtacular, now
that it has been blessed (erm, not in the Perl sense...)?

Speaking of where the docs might live, I wonder if it would be
useful to have something like:

gem docs        # show where the docs live on your system
gem docs mygem  # show where the docs are for mygem on your system
gem servedocs [mygem]
                # Spin up a webrick/mongrel/... for you to point 
                # your browser at to view said docs.  

But this is just thinking out loud.  A look through the help of
doesn't seem to have something like this already   It wouldn't be the
first time I've missed something, if I have.


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