[Rubygems-developers] rubygems beta time?

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Mon Jan 8 22:42:48 EST 2007

Michael Studman wrote:
 > So a bit of debugging later and JRuby's Marshal is choking on the
 > Specification#hash for rwdtorrent version 0.04. In memory, this spec's
 > instance variables look like this:
 > { [...] @executables=Wed Oct 05 03:00:00 UTC 2005 [...] }
 > I also swear I saw some other weird values in a previous debug run too
 > that are no longer apparent.

Thanks for tracking that down.  I non-array value for @executables will 
cause grief when calculating default_executable.  Essentially the 'size' 
method will fail.

I've gone through the code and did a spot check for other potential 
problems, fixed one or two other places and added a few tests for 
pathologically bad values.  The problem is that *any* instance variable 
might be wrong and therefore any code that messes with the instance 
variables is suspect.

I really wish I could understand why these values are so messed up in 
the spec.  Looks like everything is hunky-dory in the yaml file.  The 
only thing I can think of is that the spec data is corrupted during the 
marshal/unmarshal process.  Since this seems to be primarily a JRuby 
issue, it makes me wonder if there is a problem with JRuby marshalling.

Anyways, lacking more specific information, we will continue to battle 
these errors.  I have released a new beta with the fixes (version  Feel free to pick it up and run it against JRuby again.

(Question:  Is the JRuby marshall format the same as standard Ruby's? 
Do the JRuby gem and the standard gem both store their marshalled cache 
files in the same place?  Are they possibly interfering with each other?)

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