[Rubygems-developers] rubygems beta time?

Michael Studman me at michaelstudman.com
Mon Jan 8 21:08:42 EST 2007

Michael Studman wrote:
> The bad news is that there is still at least one gem that seems to have 
> a problems and Specification#hash trips up on it. It's not fatal as it 
> doesn't occur every time, just one in every four or five gem actions.
> I'm not in a position until tomorrow to debug this further (I don't know 
> which spec is causing the problem) but here's what I know so far.
> The stack trace for the TypeError is below. It seems something is a Time 
> object when RubyGems expects a String:
> ~ michaelstudman$ gem --backtrace update
> Updating installed gems...
> ERROR:  While executing gem ... (TypeError)
>    can't convert Time into String
So a bit of debugging later and JRuby's Marshal is choking on the 
Specification#hash for rwdtorrent version 0.04. In memory, this spec's 
instance variables look like this:

@name=rwdtorrent, @rubyforge_project=rwdapplications, @executables=Wed 
Oct 05 03:00:00 UTC 2005, @cert_chain=, @rubygems_version=0.9.0, 
@requirements=, @has_rdoc=true, @signing_key=, @rdoc_options=, 
@test_files=, @files=, @platform=ruby, @specification_version=1, 
@version=0.04, @dependencies=, @require_paths=., @post_install_message=, 
@bindir=bin, @email=steven at superant.com, @autorequire=, 
@required_ruby_version=3.2.1, @date=2005-04-16, @authors=, 
@description=rwdtorrent is a GUI front end for BitTorrent with rwdtinker 
and RubyWebDialogs features. Shell script runner, Ruby eval commands, 
calendar, mini calculator, @extra_rdoc_files=, @summary=rwdtorrent is a 
GUI front end for BitTorrent with rwdtinker and RubyWebDialogs 
features., @default_executable=, @extensions=}

The following doesn't look right:
@executables=Wed Oct 05 03:00:00 UTC 2005

I also swear I saw some other weird values in a previous debug run too 
that are no longer apparent.

Checking http://gems.rubyforge.org/yaml and the metadata file in 
rwdtorrent 0.04's gem I can't see anything wrong. I'm a relative newbie 
to rubygems so maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? Jim or anybody 
else: can you help me confirm that this gem spec is OK before I continue 
my debugging?


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