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Jim Freeze rubygems at freeze.org
Sun Jan 7 21:41:31 EST 2007

On Jan 7, 2007, at 7:35 PM, Eric Hodel wrote:

> Its a bug somewhere, but where exactly is uncertain still.
> Did source_cache already exist, or were these systems virgin?

These were all new systems - no ruby in site.

> There have been problems with source_cache being hosed since RubyGems
> 0.9.0, but I'm unsure if that's due to RubyGems changes or Ruby
> changes.  I'm trying to collect corrupt source_cache files to
> reproduce the problem.

Hmm, well, the problem may have been my fault. I installed rubygems  
on each of these systems and immediately did update --system.

I just noticed that there is a 0.9.0 version of rubygems. I will use  
that in the future.
But, seems all the upgrades from 0.8.11 are going to fail. Maybe a  
quick fix would
be just to have 'update --system' to just delete source_cache. :)

Jim Freeze

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