[Rubygems-developers] gemwhich and version problems

Jim Freeze rubygems at freeze.org
Sun Jan 7 20:12:16 EST 2007

% gem list rails

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

rails (, 1.1.6)
     Web-application framework with template engine, control-flow layer,
     and ORM.
% gemwhich rails
Can't find rails

BTW, I get this for every gem installed application.

% rails _1.1.6.5848_ -v
`report_activate_error': RubyGem version error: rails(1.0.0 not = (Gem::LoadError)
         from /opt/local/ruby-1.8.4/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/ 
rubygems.rb:188:in `activate'
         from /opt/local/ruby-1.8.4/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/ 
rubygems.rb:66:in `active_gem_with_options'
         from /opt/local/ruby-1.8.4/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/ 
rubygems.rb:59:in `require_gem'
         from /opt/local/ruby-1.8.4/bin/rails:17
% rails _1.1.6_ -v
Rails 1.1.6

% gem -v

I thought rubygems was supposed to be able to handle any number of  
segments in a version.

Jim Freeze

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