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Nic Williams drnicwilliams at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 16:11:48 EST 2007

Erik Kastner and I wrote a Rails  app (single RESTful controller) to allow
webapps/widgets to get gem data as JSON (with callbacks etc) based on the
YAML file. Erik's currently hosting it on his local machine but it'd be
great for it it be included in this new gem app.

The code is in the SVN repo under the follow project -

Currently it fetches and caches the YAML file itself and keeps it in memory
(didn't seem relevant to store in a DB as we weren't storing any additional
data such as ratings); so the most relevant RESTful part is the JSON

If this is something you're happy to include, let me know if you need help
migrating this code into the gemtacular code base.


On 1/4/07, Anthony Eden <anthonyeden at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/3/07, Eric Hodel <drbrain at segment7.net> wrote:
> > On Jan 3, 2007, at 09:57, Anthony Eden wrote:
> > > One option as an alternative to deploying it to the actual
> > > rubyforge.org hardware would be to just CNAME a third-level under
> > > rubyforge.org until it is ready for final release.
> >
> > $ host rubygems.org
> > rubygems.org has address
> > $ host rubyforge.org
> > rubyforge.org has address
> >
> Er, I mistyped...what I *meant* to say was a CNAME under rubygems.org :-)
> V/r
> Anthony
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