[Rubygems-developers] Can anyone shed a little light on executable gems for me?

michael greenly mgreenly at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 03:33:42 EST 2007

It seems to me that something has changed quite a bit about how executable
gems are handled in the last few versions?

In the past there was a $GEM_HOME/bin directory but it doesn't seem to be
there any more?  Instead it seems the executable files for installed gems
end up in the same place that the gem command exits?  Is this right?  Or am
I off base on this?

The reason I ask is I'm left wondering how best to separate a Ruby
1.8environment from a Ruby
1.9 environment so that they can each have a for example a 'rails' gem
installed and work in both environments at the same time but with separate

There seemed to be a really straight forward solution prior to this change?
If the executable files for gems were installed in $GEM_HOME/bin then simply
installing Ruby using ./configure --program-suffix=1.8 or --program-suffix=
1.9 like all the linux distributions do anyway would keep everything from
overlapping.  Then it would be a simple(maybe?) matter of hacking in a "gem
run <executablegem>" command.  This then would allow the end user to do "
gem1.8 run rails" or "gem1.9 run rails" etc...

Anyway, I'm hoping some one can shed some light on this for me?  let me know
what I'm wrong about ;)

Michael Greenly
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