[Rubygems-developers] problems with gem server source_cache

Chad Woolley thewoolleyman at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 06:37:34 EST 2007


I think there are still some problems with platform handling in gem
server.  Now, when I start a local server, I can see the /quick/*
showing all the test gems for all platforms.  However, when I cat the
source_cache, I only see a couple of gems with the 'ruby' platform,
and grepping for 'mswin' shows nothing.  When I try to install a
different-platform gem (mswin32 on mac) from this server, it fails - I
believe because it's not found in the cache.

gem list does seem to show everything, it's just install that doesn't
find the mswin32 gem.

Not sure how to explain it better, I can show you my failing test or
provide more debug info.


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