[Rubygems-developers] Beta Time?

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Thu Aug 30 00:08:31 EDT 2007

On Aug 27, 2007, at 10:51, Jim Weirich wrote:
> On Aug 26, 2007, at 4:03 PM, Eric Hodel wrote:
>> On Aug 25, 2007, at 19:42, Chad Woolley wrote:
>>> Sounds great.  I'll play with it.  Do you have to package it, or is
>>> there a tag, or just use trunk?
>> svn+ssh://rubyforge.org/var/svn/rubygems/tags/REL_0_9_4_4
>> I sent packages to Jim, he should announce them in the next day or
>> two when he gets a spare moment.
> I'm having a problem with the beta version.  It complains about the
> POpen gem.  I uninstalled POpen and reinstalled it using the beta,
> but it still fails.  I suspect it is using a legacy platform issue.
> Here is the error message:
> $ gem list rake
> WARNING:  #<Gem::Exception: /opt/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/
> rubygems/specification.rb:302:in `platform=': invalid platform
> "unix", see Gem::Platform>

Dang.  I forgot that evaling a platform gem's spec called #platform=,  
which would break the two gems with totally bizarre platforms like  
this one.

I didn't bother attempting to support automatic installation for  
these two gems (POpen4 and rubywmq) and instead filed bugs against  
the projects pointing them at the correct platforms to use.

(Of course, they still should install and work if they are already  
installed, but with the full name or something.)

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