[Rubygems-developers] Reviewing the Tattle Data (was RubyGems plaform thread)

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Wed Apr 25 00:33:07 EDT 2007

Eric Hodel wrote:

 > On Apr 24, 2007, at 19:13, Jim Weirich wrote:
 >> (1) Do we need to differentiate between the various ix86 hardware
 >> architectures (e.g. i386, i486, i586, i686)?

 > I think the distinction is bogus.  While its possible, I really doubt
 > there's any Ruby-C code that requires a specific processor in the x86
 > family.

My impression was that is a compile time thing. IOW, if I tell the
compiler to enable i686 code generation, it might omit opcodes that are
not available on earlier processors.

I think that the position we should take is that if you want that level
of optimization, compile it yourself. If you are making a gem for
general distribution, compile it at a i386 level for broad

 >> (2) What's up with Darwin8.8.1 stuff.  My Mac claims to be 10.4.9, but
 >> Ruby is Darwin8.8.1.  Is the 8.8.1 the BSD version, not the Mac OS
 >> version?
 > Its the Darwin version.  10.4 is Darwin 8, 10.3 is Darwin 7, etc.

Hmmm ... that's as bad as Sun's versioning schemes. Oh wait, I take that
back. Nothing's that bad.

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