[Rubygems-developers] Platform Specification and Auto-selecting the Platform

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Tue Apr 24 22:13:46 EDT 2007

Eric Hodel wrote:
 > Gem::SourceInfoCache.cache_data[...].source_index.map { ... }.uniq

Dude!  You Rock!

 > Don't forget Universal.


 > It should all be in Config::CONFIG under the TARGET_* values.  Ruby
 > implementations should put sensible values in there.  (I've already
 > talked with Charles Nutter on this, and I think they've changed
 > JRuby's values to be more autoconf-compatible.)

The tattle data includes this data and is very interesting.  But I'll 
comment on that in a separate thread.

 > I'd rather have everything spelled-out since that's easier to read,
 > mygem-1.0-Universal-MacOSX-10.4.  (Is there a defacto standard for
 > naming packages like this?)

Hmmmm ... makes for *really* long file names, but I agree.  I would 
probably not do the mixed case thing tho.

The only standard that I'm aware of in this space is the triple of
hardware-vendor-os from the GNU autoconfigure stuff.

 > RubyGems shouldn't allow gems to be indexed (repository side) if
 > their names don't match their internal metadata.

You're right. Any other choice would probably be regretted in the long

 > I think the override should apply to all gems installed, rather than
 > only explicitly listed gems.  There's at least one Rubyist who has
 > gems installed on a disk shared by multiple machines.

Ahh, I was thinking of the one-off case where a particular choice was
made one a single gem that didn't work for some reason. I think your
use case is more along the lines of a cross platform install, which is
an important use cose. So noted.

 > Also, this change might require changes in the local gem directory's
 > name, mygem-1.0-Universal-MacOSX-10.4 instead of mygem-1.0 to allow
 > cross-platform gems to live side by side.

I think it does that now. I just installed the x10-cm17a gem for
msinw32 (on my Mac ... heh) and it included the platform name in the
gem directory.

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