[Rubygems-developers] Platform Specification and Auto-selecting the Platform

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Tue Apr 24 00:35:15 EDT 2007

Chad Woolley wrote:
 > This sounds like a great start for a plan.  However, I wonder about this:
 >> I would recommend making the override available for
 >> only explicitly installed gems (not for gems that are installed
 >> automatically because they are dependencies).
 > What is the reason for this?

Complexity of user interface. If I ask RubyGems to install gem a,
which depends on gem b, which in turn depends upon gem c, do I
really want to be overriding the platform of gem c? Not really.
It is much more straight forward to just install gem c directly,
overriding the platform, and then install gem a.

 > What if a pure-ruby gem has a
 > platform-specific dependency?

Gems don't have platform specific dependencies. They depend upon
generic gems that may (or may not) have multiple platform
specific variants available. If I am installing a pure ruby gem
on my Mac that depends on a gem that is only available on a
windows platform, the install of the dependent gem will fail,
which will in turn fail the install of the original gem.

 > The user should be able to override
 > that.  Or, are you assuming that they will have to be aware of the
 > dependencies, and explicitly pre-install the dependencies with the
 > correct platform first, before the dependent gem is installed?

If the defaults don't work, I don't expect anyone to know that
before they try. If a default selection on a dependent gem fails,
I would expect the user to explicitly install a gem with an
override, then continue with the original install.

 > - What about legacy gems?  Will there be some sort of algorithm to map
 > pre-existing platforms to the new platform spec?

I suspect we should be able to scan the existing gems on
RubyForge and migrate them more or less automatically. By far the
most common types are pure ruby and C source gems, with a
smattering of some binary gems.

 > - How do you plan to enforce the new platform format?  Will there be
 > specific structures and fields in the gem spec to support the
 > hierarchy you proposed?  What will prevent people from circumventing
 > this and submitting invalid platforms (if this is possible)?

I've not given this part too much thought yet. I suspect the
range of hardware designations will have to be somewhat
controlled, otherwise you will get a variety of synonyms for the
same platform (e.g. "windows" vs "win32" vs "mswin", or even
"macos" vs "osx" vs "darwin"). I hope the data from the tottle
project will drive the specific designations. I'm just trying to
put together a framework for categorizing them.

 > Thanks for tackling this issue,

Thanks.  It's a long overdue topic.

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