[Rubygems-developers] Platform Specification and Auto-selecting the Platform

Chad Woolley thewoolleyman at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 22:35:52 EDT 2007

This sounds like a great start for a plan.  However, I wonder about this:

> I would recommend making the override available for
> only explicitly installed gems (not for gems that are installed
> automatically because they are dependencies).

What is the reason for this?  What if a pure-ruby gem has a
platform-specific dependency?  The user should be able to override
that.  Or, are you assuming that they will have to be aware of the
dependencies, and explicitly pre-install the dependencies with the
correct platform first, before the dependent gem is installed?

> Does this make sense?  What do you think?

Yep. Couple of other questions:

- What about legacy gems?  Will there be some sort of algorithm to map
pre-existing platforms to the new platform spec?

- How do you plan to enforce the new platform format?  Will there be
specific structures and fields in the gem spec to support the
hierarchy you proposed?  What will prevent people from circumventing
this and submitting invalid platforms (if this is possible)?

Thanks for tackling this issue,
-- Chad W.

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