[Rubygems-developers] Potential enhancement

Austin Ziegler halostatue at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 23:00:15 EDT 2006

On 9/26/06, Wes Gamble <weyus at att.net> wrote:
> I run "gem update" on my Win XP box, and although I've installed mongrel
> at least twice, it still shows up as something that needs to be
> updated.  I'm pretty sure it's because the update is looking at the
> _latest_ revision (, which is only a Ruby install and sees that
> I have

> gem update should handle the case where a Windows client is present and
> look for the latest win32 package to be installed.  In fact, there
> should be a way to allow clients to use whichever version they want.

This would be problematic if/when the compile issue is solved on Windows.

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