[Rubygems-developers] Can't install fxruby via rubygems 0.9.0 on Windows XP

Tom Copeland tom at infoether.com
Sat Sep 23 21:53:21 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-22 at 08:24 -0500, Lyle Johnson wrote:
> On 9/21/06, Tom Copeland <tom at infoether.com> wrote:
> > Hm, maybe... I guess it depends on where the gem HTTP client expects to
> > find those dashes.  Ah ha... now that I check the logs, here's what's
> > being requested:
> >
> > GET /gems/fxruby-1.6.2-mswin32.gem
> >
> > That's why those 404 errors are popping up...
> OK, so it is a naming convention thing. The Gem server apparently
> inspected the Gem spec for that gem (in order to identify its version
> number and platform) but didn't bother to remember its correct file
> name. Oh well. Although I am of the opinion that this is a RubyGems
> problem, I'll go ahead and rename one of the gems in this style and
> see if that fixes the problem.

Yup, I guess multiple dashes seem to confuse things, although Jim or one
of the other Gem gurus would know for sure...



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